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Since 1998, we have been pioneering the digital accessory category with strong industry insights and a commitment to unique product design and engineering. We have been the leaders in the imaging category for Batteries and Chargers. In addition to being the main source powering your devices, we’re now leading the way in new and exciting products for Content Creators and the Work, Teach & Learn from Home crowd. The new products range from LED and RGB Video Lights, Content Creation Vlogging Kits, Stands & Mounts. These products were created to enhance the consumer’s videos, their overall virtual experience and to provide the portability needed at home, in a studio setting or on the go, so that performance stays at a high level regardless of the situation.


Our team of product managers and engineers are in the trenches with all sorts of devices. They field and lab test products every day. They understand that power requirements for different brands of smart phones, tablets and cameras are all different and not all USB devices are the same.

We developed our products with a smart technology we call InstaSense. Simply put, InstaSense is a power detection feature built into our power banks and chargers, to guarantee a precise voltage and faster charge, every time.

Our products stand out because of our commitment to quality engineering and unique design. With today’s reliance on electronics like computers and smartphones, you need power and accessories you can rely on. Digipower replacement batteries, power chargers and cables will keep your electronics running reliable wherever you are. We carry products that help you get your work done and products that support your lifestyle.