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Digipower is happy to support such an influential action sport ambassador who truly takes his work to new limits. In 2016, Anthony went viral for performing and capturing 11 barrels on a single wave in Namibia's Skeleton Bay. The feat won him the GoPro of the World contest. Digipower is thrilled to partner with Anthony Walsh as an ambassador for their products. Anthony’s use of GoPro cameras allows him to give his followers high quality, extraordinary content. His following has grown exponentially since he went viral for his amazing feat in Namibia’s Skeleton Bay. Surfing is a large part of Anthony’s life, he is married to a Hawaiian born professional long boarder, with her own surfing skills. The two surfers have a son who will surely be found out on the water with his parents. Digipower is proud to help this surf-loving family capture their special moments riding the waves together. With cameras as small and waterproof as those GoPro offers, Anthony has everything he needs to capture the best action images. Using GoPro along with surfing, Anthony has found a new outlet that has provided him the opportunity to continue in the sport he loves most with those he loves. Take a look at our vast array of products; take inspiration from this wonderful ambassador of ours. Plan you next big adventure with all the supplies you need to take great pictures and create even greater memories. The high-quality cameras offered by Digipower are all any adventurer needs to snap the best pictures to share with friends, family, and followers. The unique photos of surfers inside barrel waves Anthony Walsh creates inspire many people to go out and take photos and videos of all sorts of adventures. Digipower offers all kinds of necessary equipment for whatever trip you’re planning. From waterproof cameras for the waves, to sand proof cameras for the desert, and even thermal protected cameras for the freezing tundra; Digipower has it all. Check out our online store today and find exactly what you need for your next adventure, you might even stumble upon a new favorite hobby.


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