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Digipower is happy to support such an inspiring man. His hiking videos reveal some extremely beautiful scenery that not everyone would otherwise be able to experience. Jason, who goes by his given trail name "Fish Tank" is providing wonder and inspiration to followers all over the world via a YouTube channel titled: "Fish Tank on the Pacific Crest Trail". Jason began his hiking journey in April of 2018 just 2 days after he retired from his 20 year career as a Patrol Sergeant for Unified Police Department in Salt Lake City. He started his epic adventure at the Mexican/American border at "Mile 0" and made it almost 1,200 miles before he was forced off trail due to the devistating 2018 California wildfires. Jason did not ever give up on his dream and June of 2019 he picked up right where he got off trail at the infamous Donner Pass in the California High Sierras, this time in 25-27 feet of snow. His goal, hike the full distance from Mexico to Canada! You will all have to watch his vlog to see if he made it the full 2,653 miles or stay tuned with us here at Digipower as we are closely following and documenting his progress.

The Pacific Crest Trail, officially designated as the Pacific Crest National Scenic Trail is a long-distance hiking trail (2,653 miles) closely aligned with the highest portion of the Sierra Nevada and Cascade Mountain ranges. Every year many attempt this daunting adventure with only a handful of hikers ever successfully reaching Canadian soil. One product that Jason swears by are the battery packs that Digipower offers. These battery packs give him the reassurance he needs to continue on for a few more miles when others need to get off trail and find a town to recharge their devices. He counts on Digipower not only for the equipment he needs to vlog this journey but to charge his gps tracker to get help should the need arise. His wife and two girls at home also depend on Digipower so he can communicate with them as needed. They understand the potential for disaster attempting such an amazingly epic task and rest a little easier knowing he will never run out of precious battery power. Jason has mentioned how these battery packs have been essential and crucial to the success of what he is attempting to accomplish. He proudly and humbly wears a Digipower hat as he hikes and swears by the entire product line.

Digipower offers all kinds of necessary equipment for whatever trip you might be planning. You don't need to hike from Mexico to Canada to enjoy the same amazing technology as he does. From Waterproof GoPro battery packs to ultralight solar gear Digipower has it all. Please check out the online store today and find exactly what you need for your own personal adventure. Who knows you might even find yourself accomplishing something amazing.