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Jeff Perkins loves taking his Jeep on all sorts of unmarked trails and enjoys discovering things that few have ever seen. He takes his camera with him to capture all the adventures he has and discoveries he makes. This makes for some amazing photos and videos for us all to see. You can follow Jeff’s adventures on Facebook and other social media. Digipower has some of the highest quality cameras for off-roading adventures. The off-roading cameras are dirt and dust proof, which makes them the perfect companion camera for all sorts of adventurers. Worried about missing the perfect shot because your camera is dead? Let Digipower ease your mind with our top-notch extended battery packs. Perfect for travel, these battery packs can extend your battery life significantly, so you won’t have to miss a thing. Getting lost on unpaved roads is one of Jeff’s favorite pastimes. Having his battery life extended is crucial for his photography and lifestyle to flourish. Digipower’s high quality cameras allow Jeff to capture the best photos and videos he can. Digipower is proud to have an excellent off-roading photographer like Jeff as our brand ambassador. Digipower offers all kinds of necessary equipment for whatever trip you’re planning. From waterproof cameras for the waves, to sand proof cameras for the desert, and even thermal protected cameras for the freezing tundra; Digipower has it all. Check out our online store today and find exactly what you need for your next adventure, you might even stumble upon a new favorite hobby. Digipower offers great traveling products guaranteed to ensure your favorite cameras are able to capture the best moments from your grand adventures!

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